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The Life of Love

PRAYER FOCUS: The Life of Love

SCRIPTURE: And Peter answered him, ‘Lord if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.’ He said, ‘Come.’…” Matthew 14:28-29a

THOUGHT: For Peter, this was not a struggle between the familiar and the unfamiliar; he was very familiar with the waves that surrounded him. He would have known the helplessness of being out in the open water; knowing there was just an open void beneath his feet, and he spent his life trying to avoid the sea’s power in the midst of carving out his livelihood. It was everything that filled his heart with fear and insecurity. And guess what. That was the very place the Lord stood.

The Lord will ask you to be bold and go to him. He will put you at a crossroads where you can trust in your boat you made to carry you time and time again through the seas, but he will not enter it. He will stand in the middle of your fears and offer you a chance to come tread over them.

PRAYER: Oh Lord, thank you, thank you for standing outside my places of comfort. Confirm again in my heart the very places that I avoid out of fear and pain, the very places you’re standing and calling out to me to come. I trust you. For waves crest and fall, but you are always constant. You are always good to me, even when it doesn’t seem like I will live through it. Awaken me to see what you see as I rest in your footing. Show me this world in the way you long to restore it, so I will live outside of fear and fully in love as you give it. Walk with me as I accept your full role for my life, I don’t want to miss a single moment with you.

Ben Ackerman, Student, VT

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