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Missional Outreach Grant Application

Grant Criteria & Selection Process

Please take notice of the following as you apply for a Missional Grant from theBridge Foursquare Church:

  •  Relational & Event Driven: Your grant application MUST demonstrate an ongoing relational interaction with the UNCHURCHED you intend to  reach.  The question to ask is:  What will be the opportunity to continue the relationship AFTER the grant event?
  • NOTE: This is NOT benevolence.  Benevolence requests will be directed to the Church Council and/or Small Groups.
  • Grants will be awarded based upon the following:
    • Current availability of funds
    • Evaluation of explanation and purpose
    • Urgency (relative to date of event)
    • Follow-up plan
  • Pastoral Staff and Leadership Team participation is limited and will be determined by the individual requested (if applicable). The intention IS NOT to create a church event/outreach but for you or your group to live missionally.  Staff and leadership will be available for help on a consulting basis as needed.
  • The limit for each grant/event is $300.
  • For tax reasons, an individual’s limit for grants will be $599.00 for the year. If a group submits a request, the grant funds will be assigned to one individual of the group.
  • Full amount requested may or may not be granted. PARTIAL grants are also possible. Availability of funds and amount of requests will be major determining factors.
  • By requesting and receiving any grant funds, you agree to provide receipts following the event. Those are to be given to Church Administration (Dottie Burris).
  • Any unused funds are to be returned to Church Administration.
  • Applications will be accepted starting Friday, January 1, 2017 through Tuesday, October 4, 2017.
  • Grants will be awarded through Sunday, October 30, 2017, or for as long as funds are available. Funds MAY BE dispersed after October 30, 2017, but ALL grant decisions will be made by that date.
  • Grant Review Committee approval will approximately be completed every three weeks, starting January 1, 2017.
  • Grant Review Committee will be comprised of: (1) Church Administration, (1) Staff Pastor, (1) Church Elder, (1) Church Member, for a total of four members.
  • Point of contact for Applicants will be Dottie Burris, who will serve as the Church Administration Committee Member and the Committee Chairman.
  • Applications will be accepted via Church Website.
  • Approval of grant application will be provided via email. Arrangements for disbursement of funds will be made with Dottie Burris, Church Administration. PLEASE DO NOT contact Church Office for status of grant application.
  • All grant applications must be submitted thirty (30) days PRIOR to event.